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Expert Witness, Litigation and Insurance Support
Consulting Expert
Testifying Expert
Manufacturing/Processing Assessment
Testing, Inspection and Forensic Services
Insurance Claims
Design, Analysis, Manufacturing and Test Support
Third Party Inspections
Trade Secret and Patent Infringement Cases

Expert Witness for Insurance Litigation: Cryogenic Tank Failure

Expert Witness for insurance litigation involving Cryogenic Tank failure assessment of carbon/epoxy composites manufacturing, design, honeycomb core-to-composite failure assessment, autoclave and vacuum bagged process assessment with fiber placement technology, NDI and testing technology for insurance claims submitted by manufacturing contractor.

Expert Witness in Trade Secret and Process/Design Technology

Expert Witness in trade secret and process/design technology cases involving: solid rocket motor (SRM) fiber optic instrumentation technology (SRM industry), carbon fiber composite bicycle fork failure and treadmill platform failure (sports & recreation industry), vacuum bagged composite slot cell armor (power industry), pultruded oilfield FRP sucker rod, composite oilfield patents and filament winding equipment (composites manufacturing industry)

Expert Witness for Civil Suits

Expert Witness for civil suit involving carbon fiber suppliers (8) as materials and manufacturing technology expert in price-fixing suit on behalf of materials suppliers (US, Japan and European suppliers)

Expert Witness for civil suit as composites manufacturing technology and design in case involving patent infringements on composites resin infusion manufacturing process for commercial aircraft, marine and advanced composites/FRP markets.

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